Celebrating almost 50 years of service to children with emotional challenges.

About Reed Academy

Reed Academy About Us


Founded in 1975 as Camp Sunshine, a camp for students with emotional difficulties, Reed Academy serves boys in a highly structured and therapeutic environment with a goal of returning each of our students to the least restrictive learning and living environment.

Located in a quiet and beautiful residential area in Framingham, Massachusetts, Reed Academy offers an extended day school program to serve children with a variety of educational levels and emotional needs, and has an open enrollment throughout our 12 month program. Reed Academy is a small therapeutic school that provides services for male students between the ages of seven and eighteen.

Our belief is that a strong connection between students and staff can allow for the greatest growth. Our staff is committed to making each student and their families feel safe, understood, heard, respected, and valued.

Our Staff

Our staff includes the Executive Director, Special Education Administrator, certified Special Education Teachers, Teacher Specialists, School Psychologist, Licensed Social Workers, Certified Mental Health Counselors, Speech/ Social Skills Pragmatics Teacher, Registered Nurse, Direct Care Staff, part time Occupational Therapist, Program Coordinator and Office Staff. We pride ourselves on our staff’s dedication and many years of service to the children of Reed Academy.

To ensure progress and success, our average staff/student ratio is 1:4. Frequent one to one tutoring and close supervision are part of our program.

Approved School Codes

Reed Academy About UsReed Academy School ID #01000860
Our school programs are approved by the MA Department of Elementarty and Secondary Education.

50800001 Day Program


Reed Academy About Us

  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Department of Mental Health
  • MAAPS Member (Massachusetts Association of Private Schools)